AKG opening act for “Arts in Concert”

Watch a video of their performance:

Dancer Nicole ‘Lamb’ Iovine worked with AGK in the lead up to their performance. Here is her précis:

AKG were the opening act for “Arts in Concert” – a regional showcase for performing arts in schools – on the evening of 5 Sept at Lazenby Hall, UNE, Armidale. The morning of the performance Liana and I were informed four of the girls did not know any of the routine and were not apart of the last performance! I gave them the choice of spending the day learning the 3-minute routine and re-patterning the entire dance … or not. All of the girls really wanted to perform and make it happen. They worked so well together. We then went straight to UNE for stage rehearsals and the girls impressed the crowd! Dedicated, they chose to come back to school to continue to rehearse before leaving to gather costumes for the performance. The girls opened the night and – all nerves aside – I was so proud of them! The killed it! The feedback was all amazing! I really noticed a sense of team work and left it up to the girls to groom themselves under my direction. Last performance I did everything: hair, costumes and makeup. This time they took control! Happy mama Lamb!

Armidale Koori Girlz

AKG: (L-R back) Kimmy, Tamikah, Miaya, Shannon, Liana, Leila, Jacqueline
(L-R middle) Paula, Tkayah, Emma, Payton
(L-R front) Shontahleigh, Lamb

To see more photos of the girls, go to http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.437460789623122.93812.230032740365929&type=3&l=ae8030aa45


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